%22BROOKLYN%22 Screen Shot - III

She shows us a young woman, newly come to America. She’s homesick as all get out. Shy, reserved. But you don’t doubt there’s a confidence there…a good head on her shoulder once she gets her bearings. We watch her slowly gain confidence, do well in school, fall in love with a sweet Italian boy. Thomas Wolfe said “you can’t go home again.” You can see why with Ms. Ronan. The film shows what happens when you outgrow what you once knew. She has quiet determination. 

%22BROOKLYN%22 Screen Shot - IV

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%22CREED%22 Screen Shot - I %22BROOKLYN%22 Screen Shot - VI

Stallone plays this not like a punch drunk,      There’s a quiet elegance about this young
down-on -his-luck palooka. He’s an older      actress…and I’m not talking glamor. She
man, wiser. He realizes the past is the past    has poise and comportment whether  she’s
and knows he’s had his time. He truly             getting sick to her stomach on a rough sea
makes Rocky Balboa feel like a real person    voyage or walking past Brooklyn brown-
to me. And it wasn’t fake sentiment that          stones in 1952. She brings to mind Deborah
brought tears to my eyes. There’s a poig-       Kerr, for me. C’mon don’t start pooh-pooh-
nancy of heart that got to me. I think Stal-       ing my comparisons. I recognize she’s her 
lone will win the Academy Award for  Best    own person. There’s a stillness and centered-
Supporting Actor for a role he brought to       ness to her performance that reminds me of
the forefront forty years ago. You know         Kerr. I first saw her in “Atonement” and was 
Hollywood loves that stuff. And Stallone        astonished by her. Shell stick around. Well 
does a very good job.                                   just have to learn how to pronounce her name.

Michael B. Jordan ( “Creed” ) and Emory Cohen ( “Brooklyn” ) both deserve kudoes for engaging performances. I don’t know Cohen at all, but I loved his sweet way in this. As for Jordan, I’ve seen him in: Red Tails” ~ “That Awkward Moment” ~ “Fruitvale Station.” He’s a strong actor, and should do well in the future with open-minded casting directors.



[   H O M E   ]



  1. I’m getting ready for the Big Night.I’ve been obsessed with the academy awards since I was a youngster and that was more than 50 yrs ago.I’ve seen all the nominees and it looks like my biggest attendance ever.Controversy brings ’em out of the woodwork.I was surprised I enjoyed Creed so much.It was made here in Philly and the gym they used is only blocks from my home.I’m pulling for Sly(local boy makes good)and thought Ms.Ronan was extraordinary in her role.I swear I could tell what she was thinking before she even spoke.Sadly Oscar goes for bells and whistles which means Brie Larson will likely take the award as lead actress.Its all good because she really was super in the part but half of that award belongs to a nine year old boy who received no recognition from the Academy.Happy Oscars!


    • I’m STILL a big Oscar watcher. Like you, I’ve been watching the shoe since I saw Sidney Poitier and Julie Christie win their Academy Awards. I’ve hardly scratched the surface of watching the nominees’ films this year. ( Ugh! ) But that doesn’t stop me from making my predictions. I sort of didn’t know what to expect of “Creed.” I enjoyed it a lot. Yeah…I’m pulling for Sly too. I get it about the bells and whistles. I heard “The Room” was good but disturbing. No recognition for the kid? #ALLCHILDACTORS,ATTER! I’m rooting for my girl: Charlotte Rampling. She was so good in “45 Years.”

      MY Oscar tradition? Haagen-Dazs and lights out to watch it all in the dark. Thanks for reading, Bob.


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