SYLVESTER STALLONE ( %22CREED%22 )%22ROCKY%22 ( 1976 )

He’s the son of Rocky’s old friend, boxing champ Apollo Creed. Fighting against his legacy, fighting feeling alone. Fighting the world. Rocky has retreated from celebrity. He doesn’t want to get pulled into the fight game. Time has passed him by, but he decides to help the young man, Adonis, and teach him all he knows. He’s a good mentor and more of a father than the young man ever had.

%22CREED%22 Screen Shot-II

Rocky faces some bad medical news in the midst of training the kid for his big shot. And he’s ready to not fight the diagnosis. He’s ready to join everyone he knew. But he has to help this kid.

%22CREED%22 Screen Shot - V


  1. I’m getting ready for the Big Night.I’ve been obsessed with the academy awards since I was a youngster and that was more than 50 yrs ago.I’ve seen all the nominees and it looks like my biggest attendance ever.Controversy brings ’em out of the woodwork.I was surprised I enjoyed Creed so much.It was made here in Philly and the gym they used is only blocks from my home.I’m pulling for Sly(local boy makes good)and thought Ms.Ronan was extraordinary in her role.I swear I could tell what she was thinking before she even spoke.Sadly Oscar goes for bells and whistles which means Brie Larson will likely take the award as lead actress.Its all good because she really was super in the part but half of that award belongs to a nine year old boy who received no recognition from the Academy.Happy Oscars!


    • I’m STILL a big Oscar watcher. Like you, I’ve been watching the shoe since I saw Sidney Poitier and Julie Christie win their Academy Awards. I’ve hardly scratched the surface of watching the nominees’ films this year. ( Ugh! ) But that doesn’t stop me from making my predictions. I sort of didn’t know what to expect of “Creed.” I enjoyed it a lot. Yeah…I’m pulling for Sly too. I get it about the bells and whistles. I heard “The Room” was good but disturbing. No recognition for the kid? #ALLCHILDACTORS,ATTER! I’m rooting for my girl: Charlotte Rampling. She was so good in “45 Years.”

      MY Oscar tradition? Haagen-Dazs and lights out to watch it all in the dark. Thanks for reading, Bob.


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