“I want ten pounds of kumquats. And I’m in a hurry!”

Lord have mercy!!!


My friend Sheila asked me once if I’d seen “Mr. Muckle.” Huh? Who? She told me to watch it. I wasn’t that crazy about W.C. Fields, but she’s a friend so I watched. From that instant I became a W.C. Fields fan. I told another friend about it and we discussed this six-minute clip for the next two hours. You think I’m crazy? Maybe.  But you see, from the time Mr. Fitchmueller makes that request, it’s on! The funniest word in the English language has GOT to be “KUMQUATS.” But you wouldn’t know that if you haven’t been Muckled. This post is part of MovieMovieBlogBlog’s latest blogathon:


AFTER you watch this video once…or twice, click here: ( MR. MUCKLE: UNPLUGGED ) to find out what I consider the funny moments in this video. Don’t cheat now. I don’t want to give anything away here if you haven’t seen this scene from W.C. Fields’ film “IT’S A GIFT.” See if you find as many things funny as I did. We can compare notes on the other side. See you over there…


(  H O M E  )



7 thoughts on “MR. MUCKLE

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  4. The first time I saw that scene (at a TIFF screening hosted by Joe Dante some years ago) I did not utter one laugh. I was transfixed in horror and delight trying desperately to take in each gag. Subsequent viewings leave me weak. The anticipation is as great as the actual moments. Perfect!


    • Caftan Woman – if I’m ever a bit down-in-the-dumps I just pull up this segment. Each gag, so slight, so perfectly timed, and thought out. The last time Fitchmueller says KumQUATS practically squealing…it’s too too much. What a sequence!


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