I know. HOW in the name of Murgatroyd can I call myself a CineMAVEN when I’m so lacking in knowledge of this decade? As I look over the films of the 1930’s, I find I haven’t seen as many films as I thought I’ve seen. How can that be?  I’m afraid I have to go with a ‘don’t ask – don’t tell’ policy here. I do admit this is a decade I have to explore some more.

1930's B&W Collage

I tend to associate the 30’s as strong on actresses. ( The 40’s feels more male to me. ) I also see if I were a young woman back then, I’d have gone to almost every movie Garbo released. ( I’ll put those in parenthesis. They’re not my favorites, but they’re what I would have seen that year of her work ). There were some good movies released this 1930, but these movies listed are my favorites. These are movies I don’t have to be in-the-mood-to-watch…I can just plop down in front of my tv set and just get into, anytime. You may hear me refer to ‘chemistry’  over and over. But I can’t help it; it’s part of what counts if the two stars work so well off each other. So, for better or worse, and with you having seen more movies than me, I give you my subjective list…my favorite films from the 1930’s.

What are yours?


( 1930 ) 

( Garbo film: “Anna Christie.”  – Garbo speaks…and gloriously )

THE DIVORCEE – ( Robert Z. Leonard )

            Norma Shearer and Chester Morris

Norma Shearer puts the double standard to the test when she does exactly what her husband has done. “It doesn’t mean a thing.”


HOLIDAY – ( Edward H. Griffith )


Ann Harding squares off against Mary Astor in this somewhat stiff original of the 1938 Grant-Hepburn version. Astor’s going to transform her fiancee into the cookie cutter Establishment-type while her sister, Harding, likes him just the way he is.

You can get to my  homepage, scroll down and see my ten favorite films for each year of this decade. Get along with you now…

 (  H O M E  )


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